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Canada and U.S. Trademark Searches and Applications prepard by Arvic Search Services
Trademark Search and Registration Fees

Below are the fees listed for the various Trademark searches services and Applications. We offer 2 search services before the application stage depending on your search needs. 


1st Step Basic Trademark Search - This is a sophisticated and informative search of both the Canadian and US trademark databases to prescreen your proposed trademark. If you have an idea for your trademark, or you have a large list of potential trademark names, use this search to see if it is a strong enough trademark to continue with the process. Would you like to see a Sample of our Basic Trademark Search

2nd Step Full Trademark Search - This is the Full Common Law search that is prepared before you apply for a Trademark in either Canada or the United States. The more you know about the potential behind your trademark the better... and this search gives you what you need. 

3rd Step Trademark Application - We charge a simple fee to prepare, file, and prosecute your Trademark Application for Canada or the United States up to the Allowance stage. The Government Disbursement, or fee, for either Canada or the United States is listed below. In Canada, there is one fee per application that includes any Trademark classification you choose to file in. To file in the United States, the government disbursement, or fee, is charged per Trademark classification. Your agent will assist in choosing the most applicable Trademark classes after the 2nd Step Full Trademark Search is completed.

Search type Price Government disbursement

Basic word search$ 100.00$ 0
Full common law with opinion$ 500.00$ 0
Full common law without opinion$ 315.00$ 0
Canadian application fee$ 1,050.00$ 300.00 / application
US application fee (in $US)$ 1,050.00 US$ 375.00 US / class
Basic design search$ 500.00$ 0


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