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Canada and U.S. Trademark Searches and Applications prepard by Arvic Search Services

In today's marketing environment, we understand that your need for the perfect brand, product, service and business name is essential to your business's survival. We are a Canadian company that realizes that you: the businessperson, the entrepreneur and the inventor, also need to protect your intellectual property rights in both Canada and the United States. 

Luckily, you can confidently select and correctly protect your perfect name easier with our trusted, professional services.


We, at Arvic Search Services Inc, operators of, have developed a simple 3 Step process which gives you personal access with your Arvic Trademark Agent to accurately search and then apply for your Trademark. 

1st Step - Basic Search

2nd Step - Full Search

3rd Step - Trademark Application

Do your Homework. The 1st Step search is designed to select the best possible name, slogan, or design from a possible list of potential Trademarks as well as to see if your mark infringes on an existing Trademark owner's rights. The 2nd Step Search, is a Full Common Law Search. This search is needed to depict the Register-ability of your mark. It is detailed... it is long... and it is accurate. Your trademark agent will use this search to suggest which classifications to file in for trademarks in the United States Your final step is the generation of your Application for registration. We process Applications in both Canada and the US, and provide full correspondence throughout the Application stages.

Price: $73.50 CDN
Design Search: $315.00 CDN

Price:$210.00 CDN  "No Opinion"
Price:$315.00 CDN  

Price: $840.00 CDN     CDN Application
Price: $840.00 USD      US Application

This Basic search inexpensively 'weeds' out not register-able marks. When you and your agent agree your mark is Register-able, you will proceed to the 2nd Step. This is your evidence that you have done your 'due-diligence' before you use your proposed name and file your Trademark Application in Canada or the United States.  There are additional government fees that will be unique to your Application. Your Agent will provide your quote. Also see our Fees  link for further details.

Since 1996, TmWeb has been providing lawyers, small businesspeople, and individuals with a great place to order their online searches, and prosecute Canadian and American trademark applications. Your Trademark search and application is personally prepared by your experienced Trademark Agent. You will be provided with continual advice and instruction to fully inform you on what course of action is being taken, and what needs to be done.
The Trademark Search you will be supplied is unsurpassed. Your Agent will search through both the Canadian (CIPO) and the US (USTPO) Trademark databases, and will provide a detailed report on possible conflicts and your Agent's opinion on the register-ability of your mark. Completing your Trademark search in both Canada and the US is integral in protecting your Intellectual Property within the current North American business environment. You should know of possible infringements in both countries in order to be secure yourself and avoid prosecution.
Trademarks are an investment, and we certainly know that a Trademark can be rather expensive for many small businesses or individuals. Therefore, by providing you with free consultations, trusted advice, and services in both the US and Canada, we make sure your Trademark is a sound business investment.


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