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Canada and U.S. Trademark Searches and Applications prepard by Arvic Search Services

Arvic Search Services Inc, was started in 1982 as a firm of corporate paralegals, providers of NUANS name search reports and "searchers of record". We are not lawyers but rather Trade Mark Agents. Our staff is responsible for searching for that one good name for your business.


We are a Canadian firm that realized there was a need for business people, entrepreneurs and inventors to protect their intellectual property rights across our North American borders. Every business name, product name, service name, brand, or invention name needs to be properly protected. The use of hte internet as made selecting and protecting the perfect name easier.

Trademark Agent Services is a specialty field we commenced to offer in April 1983 when we learned there was an acute shortage of qualified personal in Western Canada. Today we are Western Canada's largest firm of Trademark Agents. Our prime area of expertise is in the preparation, filing and prosecution of Canadian and American trademark applications. Our flat fee for service means you do not get a bill from us every time we send you a letter or reply to the Trade Marks Office.

Arvic, through tmWeb, was the first Canadian firm of trademark agents to provide these specialized search services via the Internet. In addition to being one the world's largest suppliers of such services we are the only search service currently offering a complete search of both the Canadian and the American trademark databases. Because of the feedback from our clients and our promise to continually make our services meet your needs, we are able to provide you the superior Search services you need.

tmWeb has, since 1996, been providing lawyers, small business people, and individuals with a great place to order their online searches, and prosecute applications. Your Trademark search and application will be personally prepared by one of our trained staff who will continually provide advice and instruction so that you will always know what course of action is being taken, and what needs to be done.

Trademarks are an investment, and we certainly know that a Trademark can be rather expensive for many small businesses or individuals. Therefore, by providing you with consultations, advice, and services in both the US and Canada, we make sure your Trademark is a sound investment.

We offer free Trademark consultation to give you an opportunity to ask your experienced Agent the Trademark questions you have and to develop your Trademark plan-of-action.

Providing professional services to businesses since 1983

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