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This Application form is meant to easily, and quickly give us the information we need in order to develop your trademark application. This is a 2 part form. The answers that you provide here will populate the next pages. 

We personally prepare, file, and prosecute your application until it is advertised for opposition. When we receive this application request we will prepare and forward your application, along with additional instructions, for your review, comment and reply. By providing us with the information requested you agree to retain the services of Arvic as the applicant's trademark agent.

At the end of this application form you will be prompted for the Arvic filing fee payment of $840.00 (either in Canadian or US funds based on the jurisdiction of this application) per application. Once we have prepared your application, we will require the government disbursements which will be attached to your application. For a Canadian Application, the governments application fee is $300.00 CDN Dollars per application. However, for the US applications, it is $375.00 US Dollars per class you are filing under. Therefore, we will suggest the appropriate classes, and provide a quote after we have reviewed your application.

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