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Canada and U.S. Trademark Searches and Applications prepard by Arvic Search Services
Welcome to your 1st Step to registering a Canadian or US Trademark. 

This 1st Step Basic Search is a screening of both the Canadian, and American Trademark Databases for pending, registered and abandoned Trademarks that are phonetically similar to the mark you want us to search. This Basic search is helpful in narrowing down a list of potential marks for registration, as well as providing an inexpensive way to see any direct conflicts which may make your mark non-registerable.

When you receive your completed 1st Step Search, it will have a listing of the potential conflicts to your proposed name, a short opinion by our Trademark Agent suggestions for improving the mark; and either justification for ordering the 2nd Step, or reasons why your use of the searched term is not a good idea.

To begin, please select the type of 1st Step search you wish to order:

Word Search ($73.50 CDN)   Design Search ($318.00 CDN)

  Enter the Word or Phrase you would like Searched


  Enter the 'meaning' of initials if needed (IBM): 


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